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Austar Financial Group can tailor a solution for all your retirement needs. Superanuation and insuarnce need not be a mystery when structured for your future retirement. Austar will provide all the answers to a safe and stress free retirement. and mature in an ever changing climate. We can provide a solution that will improve your cashflow and working capital and realise any equipment and assets needed to make your business function and improve.

What is superannuation?

Superannuation also known as super, is a compulsory savings program to make sure that when you reach retirement age, you have some money to live on. Your employer must make compulsory contributions into your super fund, this being 9% minimum of your gross income. You can also make voluntary contributions to your super. The government has schemes to promote the thought of saving more for retirement.


The super savings that you have amassed will then be used to provide income streams through your retirement. It is important to take your superannuation seriously, there are hundreds of funds in the market, some are performing well whilst others are doing poorly. It is our job as financial advisers to make you aware and make recommendations based on our assessment on your investment capabilities which fund best suits you. 


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