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Austar Financial Planning can tailor a solution for all your retirement needs. Superanuation and insurance need not be a mystery when structured for your future retirement. Austar will provide all the answers to a safe and stress free retirement.
  Risk & Insurance Management

'It is crucial that you protect what you can't afford to lose'

Risk management is an integral part of any financial plan. Failure to address this issue in a financial plan could have a devastating effect on you and your family. It is important to consider the financial impact of death, disability or serious illness on yourself, family and business.

When it comes to insurance, most people make the effort to insure their cars, residence and personal effects, yet neglect to insure assets that have a far greater value such as their health, loved ones and income.

It is important that you take a step back and assess your financial risk management structure.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What is your most important asset (your car, home, income, your life, family, health..) and which one of these can't you not afford to lose?

Of all the above mentioned assets, which of these do you have insured?

With your current insurance arrangements, how will you or your family cope financially should you or any other member of the family suffer a serious illness or death?

How much money would you and your loved ones need to pay for medical expenses, ongoing commitments, manage debt or hire a nanny to take care of the the event of a serious illness or death?

If you lost your job and could not meet your loan repayments, how can you structure yourself financially so that you do not lose your home?

There are many issues that need to be addressed and tailored to suit your particular situation.

At Austar we believe that the cost of protecting yourself, loved ones, business... is insignificant compared to the costs and consequences that may be incurred due to inadequate risk management measures.

To ensure that you have the right risk management tools in place contact Austar Financial Group today and review your current arrangements.


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