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Secure your future...

Austar Financial Planning can tailor a solution for all your retirement needs. Superanuation and insuarnce need not be a mystery when structured for your future retirement. Austar will provide all the answers to a safe and stress free retirement.

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Life Insurance

Income Protection  

Let us help you with your super

Superannuation is a means of saving for your retirement with the added bonus of tax concessions. It is not an asset class like shares or property but rather a vehicle offering tax breaks when you invest in these assets. If you organise your superannuation properly, you should be able to enjoy life after you stop working.

In times gone by, people could expect to live only a handful of years after they retired and their bank savings supplemented by the pension were probably sufficient to see them through. But with people now living 20 or 30 years in retirement, there is a greater need to ensure sufficient funds are available to last for the long haul.

Let an Austar Adviser guide you through the financial jargon of superannuation and make the best recommedations for you.


Death will take us all, one day

The Life Protection Plan caters for individuals who are looking to provide protection for their family against financial hardship, and those people who wish to ensure the continuity of their business.

Life insurance safeguards against the financial effects of unexpected death or disablement at both a personal and professional level; and alleviates the need to liquidate assets or dip into savings.

An Austar Financial planner will help you identify the risks in your life and determine the level of insurance required to insure your life.


Put safety measures in your life

Being off work for an extended period can have devastating effects on any household or business, as often income is relied upon to pay off loans, holidays, children's education as well as the general household bills.

It makes sense to insure your income with Income Protection insurance. Income Protection pays you a regular income if you are off work due to disability. You can receive up to 75% of your usual earnings every month until you recover and can return to work, or up to age 65, depending on the benefit period you choose.

As an added bonus, your premiums may be tax deductible, depending on your individual circumstances. Austar recommends that you seek advice from your taxation adviser.


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