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Our focus is your
financial future

Austar Home Loans can provide you with a loan portfolio that will give you the flexibility it needs to expand, nurture and mature in an ever changing climate. We can provide a solution on your Home Loan that will improve your cashflow to suite your life style.
  Home Loans

Commercial & Business Finance

Financial Planning


Whether you are

a first home buyer, Refinancing, Property Investor, construction, vacant land, Lo-Doc/Self Employed, Line of Credit refinancing or need capital for property or share investments or simply have outgrown your current home or loan... we will endevour to provide your with the best service and reliability all the time

We offer you five star service on all your home loan needs.


Austar Home Loans offers a complete range of loan options designed to meet your different needs and goals.


Austar Home Loan is your Banking alternative. Austar Home Loan offers a variety of loan products with competitive fixed and variable interest rate structures, including flexible repayment methods to best suit your lifestyle needs.


We have lending managers fluent in your language, helping you make the right home loan choice.


Austar prides itself in fast, efficient and reliable service so call and speak to one of our lending managers today.





If you have a Business

and you have or need a loan, don’t assume your bank is the only place or the cheapest place to get the money.
There are many specialist lenders
who will consider lending in a very creative way.
If you have security in either property or a viable business, do not let your business expansion grind to a halt because your bank won't play ball.

Why choose a Commercial Mortgage?

It’s usually the most flexible way to finance the purchase of land or property for your business.

It can give you improved cash flow. You get access to plenty of capital, but with relatively low initial payments. You know your fixed monthly mortgage overhead in advance, which improves financial management.

You may pay less in mortgage payments overall than if you rented a property.

Your property may appreciate in value over time.

You might be able to gain extra income by sub-letting part of the property.

You get a tax advantage because interest payments on mortgages are tax-deductible, and are made using pre-tax funds, rather than being drawn from your after-tax profits.

We can find you a lender that will be right for your circumstances.


Whether you're just
starting out,

building your assets or preparing for retirement, financial planning is something that can help you take a holistic view of your financial needs. Financial planning helps you achieve your medium and long term goals by allowing you to properly manage your finances. 

You have built a successful career in your chosen field. Now, with the help of an Austar adviser, you can build a comprehensive financial plan that will help you reach your future financial goals.

Austar Financial Planning is able to provide a total financial solution - a financial plan that encompasses all the elements of a total financial plan, including superannuation, investments, and other assets.

Our specialists will provide you with a snapshot of where you are now and a plan for getting to where you want to be in retirement.

-will your current superannuation get you to where you want to be?

-should you consider topping up your current level of contributions?

-should you change the funds in which you invest?

-do you have the right balance in your total savings plan (super, other assets and investments)?

-what are the most effective ways of structuring your debt - deductible or non-deductible?

We leverage our global research capabilities to give advice that will meet your personal needs and objectives. If you would like to know more about Financial Planning, please us on 1300 762 911.

Austar Financial Advisers are authorised representatives of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd - AFSL 234951


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